Recommended Books and Documentaries

Something I’ve realized about myself over the years is that I love to learn. 12 year old me never thought I would ever say (type) that sentence, but 22 year old me is a bit wiser. I changed my major to nutrition over a year ago because it was a challenge, there was much more to learn, and it truly was my passion.

My education so far has been full of challenging courses, loads of papers to type, and surprisingly a decent amount of videos and documentaries full of other people’s perspectives and insights of the world of nutrition and health.

And I love it.

    To be fair, who wouldn’t love a day of watching videos rather than sitting through lecture? However, even on summer break I look for even more videos, documentaries, and books to expand my tiny brain to be even more full of (hopefully) useful knowledge. I owe my opinions and perspectives on the health industry truly on what I have learned and taken away from said documentaries and books, so I’m very passionate about them.

I want to share them with you guys because not everyone is going to take a nutrition course or sit through repeated of lectures on gluconeogenesis and cell mutation. Truly not everyone is as lucky as science majors to learn about that (ha). However, I also know most people get their information from sketchy blogs (hey, don’t label me as sketchy), Facebook posts, or Instagram captions. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with those sources, but they could very well not be the most reliable. I’ve compiled a list of my recommendations and some notes on them, for anyone who is looking for a nice watch or read whenever they want something new.

I also recommend watching the documentaries on Netflix while you do cardio. Much more bearable and may help keep you motivated.


  1.  In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan
    • Currently my favorite! Pollan not only educates you about health and nutrition but gives a new perspective on why we eat the way we do. He has a great collections of published books about food and health, as well as Netflix documentaries on them as well!
  2. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, by Eric Schlosser
    • All about how the fast food empires became what they are now. Less on nutrition and health, more about their backstories and why they have had their effect on the North American waistline.
  3. The Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People, by Dan Buettner
    • An interesting take on centenarians and those areas of the world where more people live to be 100 years old, Blue Zones.

On Netflix

  1. In Defense of Food
    • I already mentioned how much I love this. But now you can see the man, the myth, the legend that is Michael Pollan talk about his passions on your screen and you’ll love him as I love him.
  2. Food, Inc
    • Watched this in Nutrition 101 years ago, love it.
  3. Explained, Season 1 Episode 3: Why Diets Fail
    • Great take on the fad diet industry and why they just don’t work as they’re advertised.
  4. Rotton, Season 1 Episode 2: The Peanut Problem
    • All about food allergies which isn’t talked about too much in the nutrition courses I have taken so far, but also on the rise!
  5. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret
    • May seem pro-vegan or sustainability for some, but overall great documentary about the benefits of less meat and the dark sides of the meat industry
  6. Bill Nye Saves the World, Season 1 Episode 8: This Diet is Bananas
    • We all love Bill Nye. Now he’s talking about nutrition and fad diets? amazing. BILL BILL BILL BILL.
  7. The Magic School Bus, Season 1 Episode 2: For Lunch, Season 2 Episode Flexes its Muslces
    • Great for kids or if you just want an easy watch! First episode is all about the digestive system, second episode is about muscles.


This is only a short list of easy accessible videos and books that cover some very important topics on health. Take time to search the web or your local book store and see what they have. You may just find a hidden gem that really helps you learn more about health! If you have any more suggestions, I’d love to hear them so drop a comment or message me and tell me what you love!


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