A Very Veggie Wedgie

Hello friends, long time no blog!

My oh my, do we have a lot to catch up. This post is going to be dedicated to my recent decision to slowly become ~*Plant based*~. Why did I make this decision? How long has it been? Would I recommend it? Well buckle up ladies and gents, we’re going green.

Eating meatless and plant based can be quite controversial for some people. The way we eat is so intimate and personal that being told we should not be consuming foods we love can feel almost like a break up. (Like think about who think is the love of your life but actually they could be wrecking your insides, possibly causing weight gain, and causing you to feel bad from the inside out). Ok that sounds dramatic and may actually be going in your relationship but you understand me, right? We DO NOT want to hear that our favorite foods are not great for us! Even as a Dietetics major, learning about food and how they can affect us always breaks my heart a bit. I’m looking at you chocolate fudge ice cream. So when we learned about how meat may be affecting us, I became a bit uneasy about eating my daily chicken and turkey bacon. Please note that this is still pretty controversial and I feel meat does have purpose but there are definitely alternatives. 

I always assumed meat was the only way I would get enough protein in my diet. My meals always consisted of meat, grain, and vegetables when I meal prepped. I cannot stomach protein powders for the life of me so supplementing definitely steered me away from stepping away from meat. Yet in class a few weeks ago we reviewed the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics positions on vegetarian diets and, while I expected they would support it, it changed my point of view on the subject specifically on protein. It read:

    “Vegetarian, including vegan, diets typically meet or exceed recommended protein intakes, when caloric intakes are adequate” Wanna hear more?


I’m not too sure why this stuck with me especially since I expected this as their reasoning. Yet knowing that I am able to meet or even exceed my protein intake without eating meat made me want to just try it. That night I didn’t eat meat and guess what? I didn’t eat meat the next day or the day after that either. In the last two weeks I have eaten meat once and it was only because I was too nervous to tell my aunt I didn’t want to eat chicken. My two week journey may not be that exciting but I have enjoyed this time. It is much easier for me than I thought it would be. Knowing that I am not harming animals or even the environment and rather fueling my body with plant based goodness feels awesome!

Now do I push this on everyone? Of course not. If you do not want to be vegetarian that is fine. If you don’t even want to give up cookies because you love them so much then that is fine, but do you know how the food you eat is affecting you or could be affecting you? I encourage everyone to educate themselves, do research, ask questions because you truly may not know what you are eating. If you want to eat whatever you want then that is your choice, but I believe we should at least have the ability to know how it can affect you. Education is such a powerful tool that we should be really taking advantage of especially with having so much at our finger tips.
Well rant over, I am going to sit back and eat my cucumbers and broccoli while I begin to enjoy a much more plant based lifestyle.


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